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Antoine Vignau

I was born in Toulouse, South-West of France, in 1973. At the age of 10, I discovered Apple II computers that were at my father’s office. That has been the beginning of a long journey.

During my studies, I was the geek, the computer nerd, the one who developed programs to learn how a computer was working. I was and I am still good at that build phase, which is critical to any project.

Then, I met Olivier, my partner in crime. I invite you to visit Brutal Deluxe Software, our website. Since 1992, we have been developing software, porting games and making cross development tools for the Apple IIgs. That part of life has brought team spirit, team work and project management, which is also essential to modern projects.

My first jobs were in the IT departments of different French Banks. I learned Cobol, wrote a thesis on the control of banking risks by setting up a cindynic engine. It was 1999 and it was before big data emerged. A vision was born.

I had the opportunity to get a new job in the industry field. God knows that in France, when one begins one’s career in a specific activity, one is stuck to it. I do not share that narrow view. If you are good in your job, whatever the activity, then you can bring your experience everywhere.

That is in 2006 that, thanks to Yves, I became IS Manager for Nexans. I was given the job because I am a good-looking person, but also because I am result-oriented. The main missions were to restore trust in the IT department, share the IT vision, and let Employees forget about their tools to focus on their own objectives: the company’s. I succeeded in these tasks.

A couple of years later, I was hunted to work in an automative company and that was fun. I was managing the different R&D centers around Paris (including Cairo, Egypt) and the team was composed of different profiles whose main objective was to ensure the success of the company.

I was promoted to CIO for Google and Office solutions. With my hierarchical French team, my dotted-line team all around the world, and thanks to our Google team in India (eighteen great minds: 1/3 for support, 1/3 for Java development, and 1/3 for Python development), we reduced the infrastructure and supplier footprint by 70%. Cost optimization.

Developing cloud-based solutions is great. I wanted basics to be set and agreed among all actors (from Group CIO to developers), so the user interface guidelines, the developers’ guidelines have to be written. What is important when you develop software is the end-user. All is about service, about usage. You may have the best technical solution but if it is not user-friendly, nor practical to use, then it is a dead end.

In the mean time, I also had to promote cloud-based solutions. In France, as in other parts of the planet, persons are afraid of cloud-based solutions: privacy concerns and alike. I see such solutions more as a competitive advantage than anything else: you focus on data, on sharing it within the company and with partners. You reduce the time to market. Security is the main concern of such cloud-based partners: in case of data leakage, their business model falls down and they disappear. Hence, they spend thousands of hundreds of Euros to offer the most secure solutions.

I kept meeting great persons during my professional career and some of them are the reason why I decided to go freelance and create my own company. That was the end of 2015.

Since then, I have brought and shared my skills, knowledge and communication abilities to a couple of different companies for several successful projects. You might be the next one, feel free to contact me!

One more thing: all is about people, whatever the project!
Antoine Vignau


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