Areas of Expertise

The missions I am interested in

  • Acting CIO (DSI par intérim),
  • Program management,
  • Project management,
  • International context preferred,
  • Open to all sectors of activity (experienced in Industry and Banking).

Why would you choose me?

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience, I have acquired interpersonal skills and competencies, which have led to great successes.

  • Interpersonal skills
    • Leadership, teamwork, collaboration, and problem solver,
    • Strategic vision, result and customer oriented,
    • Communicating with all company levels, from Employee to CEO.
  • Program and project management
    • Strong in design, build, and run of international projects, from RFP/RFQ through negotiation to delivery phases,
    • Experiences on both technical projects and change management ones,
    • Domains covered: development, infrastructure, public cloud, business and office automation solutions.

Through my past jobs and Apple II experience, I can put you through a lot of great professionals all around the world in a lot of different domains: personal or team coaching, IT infrastructure, security, cloud, mobile apps, and so on.

Where I am not an expert

Let’s be honest, there are areas in which I have never worked (but I like challenges). Those are:

  • ERP projects,
  • Real-time industry,
  • …and there are probably others.

Please, do remember, that the success of a project is based on setting up the best team. If you do not know how to do: just ask!