Recent Projects

What you will read hereafter is an excerpt of my recent projects of which I wanted to highlight a couple of remarkable topics.

In October 2018, I gave a two-day session about Digital Transformation to an IT/CIO audience and the message that I want to give, as here besides, is that such projects will be successful if and only if you share your vision with the Employees, and have a HR sponsor.

Digital transformation with Google and BPM solutions

My second job at Valeo, a big player in the automotive industry, was as CIO for Office solutions including Google Apps (Apps for work, G Suite, whatever the marketing name), Google Cloud Platform and BPM solutions.
With Google solutions, you will benefit from a reduced time to market and a gain in productivity, thanks to:

  • Numerous and powerful apps
    • That are full web-based and accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device, and that is really cool
    • But these apps can be stopped by Google, you are warned!
  • an awesome development environment with Google Cloud Platform
    • The more users on your app, the better the response time
    • Forget about the number of CPUs or VCPUs, RAM amount, etc. Everything is in the package and the cost is low compared to a private or hybrid solution.

If you want to know more about BPM solutions, please contact me.

Digital transformation with Microsoft Office 365

I must say that I am impressed by what Office 365 has become. When your company computers are driven by Windows and the Office suite, you can make a giant step in productivity thanks to Office 365. But, the following is worth mentioning:

  • Infrastructure needs and IT skills remain
    • Microsoft solutions are not web native, they have added a web layer to make them accessible from anywhere.
    • The pros: it is easier to create an hybrid cloud infrastructure (eg. put a dedicated Exchange server for regulation purposes)
    • The cons: IT skills are still needed to make those work flawlessly (eg. update of Skype/Lync URLs)
  • Telephony in your country
    • At least in France, and unless I am mistaken, we are still waiting for Microsoft to act as an operator. That would allow savings and ease communications all around the world.

Hybrid cloud and virtualization

Is that the future of cloud? I would have answered negatively a couple of years ago but I now believe that there is room for it. But why?

  • State regulations
    • The geopolitical context is tense and many States have reinforced their Military Programming Law (LPM, Loi de Programmation Militaire, in France). That is an important factor in favor of the set up of a hybrid cloud.
  • Virtualization (why would one put virtualization here?)
    • It helps in reducing your infrastructure costs but it also eases migrations and communications of your virtual machines between a public (and secure) cloud and your datacenters. You get the best of the two worlds.